Where To Get A Motorcycle Loan With Poor Credit


Many people today are choosing to own a motorcycle. They are more affordable, and they are more fuel efficient. Motorcycles are also environmental friendly, easier to maintain and the cost of insurance is lower. If you want to buy a motorcycle, you will probably need to obtain financing; however, you are reluctant because of your bad credit. Fortunately, you can be approved for a motorcycle loan with bad credit.

Before you apply for a motorcycle loan, look at your credit score to make sure it is correct. Most people have inaccurate information in their credit report, so you need to examine your credit to see if there are any mistakes. You can order a copy of your report from the three credit bureaus. By law, you can receive one free report from each of the bureaus each year. If you find any errors on the report, you need to take the proper steps to get them repaired. This could raise your credit score significantly; therefore, your chances of obtaining a motorcycle loan at a good rate will increase.

It will also be helpful to save up some money to make a down payment on the motorcycle. Your loan amount will decrease; therefore, you will be making less in interest payments. Because of your bad credit, the interest rate on the loan will be higher, so the less you have to pay in interest, the more money you will save. In addition, lenders will be more likely to loan you a smaller amount of money, so a down payment will be very beneficial.

The best place to start looking for motorcycle financing with bad credit is with the motorcycle dealer. You can even find numerous dealers who specialize in bad credit financing. Some dealers might not even conduct a credit check before approving you of a loan. However, it is important for you to find a reputable dealer. Unfortunately, some dealers will try to take advantage you, and they will charge you an outrageous interest rate. They will then keep the part of the interest payment for themselves. You should always check with the Better Business Bureau before doing business with a dealer.

In addition, it is a good idea to ask your financial institution for a loan. If you are a loyal customer, your bank or credit union might offer you a loan, even with your bad credit. Before agreeing to a loan, you want to shop around and compare rates. You can find many online companies that will provide affordable rates for people with bad credit. You can obtain quotes from multiple lenders to see who will be willing to give you the best interest rate. After asking for a quote, you are under no obligation to agree to the loan. Even though you can expect to pay higher interest because of your bad credit, it should still be a reasonable rate, so do not agree to a huge interest rate.

Before agreeing to a loan, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. You want to ask the lender about the interest rate, repayment terms and length of the loan. You do not want to rush into a decision because you want to make sure lenders are not trying to swindle you out of money.

If you have bad credit, you need to be sensible about the type of motorcycle you purchase. It is probably not wise to buy an expensive bike because it will be more difficult to obtain financing. Choose a cheaper motorcycle, and it will be easier for you to make payments and for you to be approved for a loan.

You have found the perfect motorcycle that you cannot resist. Be confident when you apply for a loan because loans for bad credit are available. You need to be determined and do your homework. You can then find an affordable loan, and you will ride off in the bike of your dreams.

Our staff has assembled a list of finance companies and dealerships below that provide or can help with motorcycle financing for people with bad credit:

Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Helpful resource to get a motorcycle loan with bad credit.

This company has partnered up with a top rated motorcycle lender to offer a wide range of bad credit motorcycle loans. They can help you hit the road on your new or used motorcycle even if you have past bad credit or bankruptcy. To qualify you must be 18 years or older, any past bankruptcy should be discharged for 8 years, earn $295 or more per week, have a valid Social Security Number, and have been employed at your current job at least 9 months.
Rating: 4.0

Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
They have multiple lenders that can assist with bad credit motorcycle loans.

They have a national network of lenders that specialize in assisting people with bad credit obtain the motorcycle loans and financing even those with past histories of bankruptcy. Typically, individuals with bad credit can expect interest rates of 13-15%.
Rating: 4.0

Louis Powersports
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Can help with financing motorcycles with bad credit or no credit.

They have loan programs for motorcycles or ATVs for people just like you who for some reason or another have been deemed to have bad credit. They work with several different lenders that are willing to take a look at financing your purchase of a motorcycle or ATV in Texas or in the southwest United States. If you have bad credit or no credit, they are the powersports dealer to see in Texas or the southwest to get the financing that you need to buy and ride a new motorcycle or ATV.
Rating: 5.0

Louis PowerSports is located at 6309 Interstate 30 in Greenville, Texas and their telephone number is 903-454-4440.

Approval Powersports of Michigan
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
No credit financing is available at Approval Powersports of Michigan.

When you buy your used or new Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki motorcycle from Approval Powersports of Michigan, they will help you to get the financing you need to ride. They offer motorcycle financing for people without a credit history. They have developed relationships with several leading motorcycle lenders and that are able to offer financing for everyone that wants to own and ride a new or used motorcycle. Bad credit or no credit, they have a finance program to suit your needs.
Rating: 5.0

Approval Powersports of Michigan is located at 190 East Sanilac Road in Sandusky, Michigan and their telephone number is 810-648-9500.

Full Throttle Motorsports, Inc.
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
All types of credit ratings accepted at Full Throttle Motorsports, Inc.

They are a Michigan motorcycle dealer that has been in business for fifteen years. They have finance professionals with programs available for any rider. Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, is No Problem!
Rating: 5.0

Full Throttle Motorsports, Inc. is located at 9555 Woodlane Drive in Lansing, Michigan and their telephone number is 517-646-9850

Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Get your motorcycle application submitted to multiple dealers.

They submit your completed application to multiple dealers that can help you get financed for motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft and snowmobile loans. Bad credit or no credit is welcome because some dealers have financing in place that can pass 60-70% of mainstream rejected loan applications.
Rating: 4.0

Fulmer Auto Cycle Sales
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
A rare buy here pay here motorcycle dealer.

The Lehigh Valley’s largest Motorcycle Dealer with over 100 units in stock. They carry Harley’s, Crotch Rockets, Cruisers, ATV’s, and Scooters. Bad credit and no credit is no problem with their buy here pay here program.
Rating: 5.0

Fulmer Auto Cycle Sales is located at 1711 Northampton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania and their telephone number is 610-253-4803

Full Throttle Powersports
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Bad credit ATV, watercraft, trailer or motorcycle loans are available at Full Throttle Powersports

They are ready to serve your powersports needs for that new ATV, watercraft, trailer or motorcycle. They have finance experts that will arrange financing for any credit situation. Good credit, bad credit, no credit, they can help you ride!
Rating: 5.0

Full Throttle Powersports is located at 100 Indian Walk in Lowell, North Carolina and their telephone number is 704-833-1270.

Plaistow Powersports
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Less than perfect credit is accepted here.

Even in this uncertain economic climate, this dealership has easy financing plans for every motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, Side x Side, watercraft, boat, scooter and dirt bike even for power sport enthusiast with less than perfect credit.
Rating: 5.0

Plaistow Powersports is located at 107 Plaistow Road Route 125 in Plaistow, New Hampshire and you can call them Toll Free at 877-462-0444.

Big Sky Harley-Davidson
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Buy a Harley Davidson with bad credit.

This Harley Davidson dealership can help with good credit, bad credit, or first time buyers. Their financing department will work with you to get the bike you have been dreaming about. They have excellent financing options available through local banks, lenders and Harley-Davidson credit.
Rating: 5.0

Big Sky Harley-Davidson is located at 4258 10th Avenue South in Great Falls, Montana and their telephone number is 406-205-4807

Xtreme Motorcycles of Cambridge
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Bad credit motorcycle financing available at Xtreme Motorcycles of Cambridge.

This bike dealership can help people with bad credit obtain motorcycle financing. They carry both new and used Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris and Suzuki ATVs, motorcycles, utility vehicles, watercraft, and scooters.
Rating: 5.0

Xtreme Motorcycles of Cambridge is located at 2325 Southgate Parkway in Cambridge, Ohio and their telephone number is 740-432-8070.

American Motorcycle Trading Company
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on Dec 14.
Has customized financing based on your needs.

Their showroom is full of certified pre-owned Harley’s all extra clean very low mileage with lots of extras. They also have an excellent selection of new Ridley motorcycles, New Stallion Trikes, Full Dressers, Chopper’s, Custom’s with big bore S and S motors and Metric Cruisers! They offer flexible repayment options and specialized financing for all credit types. American Motorcycle Trading Co. will customize your financing based on your needs.
Rating: 5.0

American Motorcycle Trading Company is located at 2925 E. Division Street in Arlington, Texas and their telephone number is 888-400-1151.


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