Three Types of Blogs and How They Can Help Your Business


how blogs can help your business
Blogging has become a very popular way of making your presence known on the internet. People start blogs for many different reasons. Eventually, most want to start to make money with their blog. There are three major types of blogs on the internet today and they can all help your business grow and prosper.

Personal Blog

A personal blog usually starts out as a basic journal of everyday happenings and thoughts. It often replaces a diary, although people should be careful not to reveal personal information on the internet.

When writing about your everyday life and the type of things you do, you can always find a way to make money with it. Not only can you include the usual Google Adsense links, information products, and affiliate links, you can also use your personal blog to write reviews of your own business. Creating the image that you are a real, living person can endear you to your potential customers and clients.

Marketing Blog

A marketing blog does exactly what the name implies; it markets, or advertises, products or services to the masses. It will be filled with reviews of products with affiliate links to purchasing them, come-ons and copy to convince people to use your services, and demonstrations of your skills or products. A marketing blog can also include special sale or discount information, offers of free items with purchases, or other incentives.

Newsletter Blog

Newsletters are popular business tools on the internet. The difference between a traditional email newsletter and a newsletter blog is in the people that can view it. With an email newsletter, only opt-in subscribers can view the newsletter. With a blog, you will get not only interested subscribers, but the general internet public as well.

In a newsletter blog, you are likely to find a combination of many different types of articles, links, and pictures. It is easy to include all of the best newsletter ingredients in a blog. These are content articles that are keyword-rich, product or service reviews and affiliate links, sale, and special announcements, announcements of new information, and even personal information and some fun.

These three types of blog may seem very different, but they are also similar in the way they are built, attract attention, and help build your business. Even a personal blog can make money for the blogger. With the popular rise of blogging on the internet today, it is a good idea to join the ranks of business-minded bloggers everywhere.


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