Spring Cleaning Your Dining Room in a Simple Step by Step Manner


dining room cleaning tipsWhen spring cleaning your dining room it will be best to select a day when you have the time necessary to do the job top to bottom. I would suggest that you but on your favorite music, as I seem to work better to music. But if you do not enjoying doing housework with music you can leave it out.

Start by taking down all the drapes and curtains in the room. Clean them according to directions. If they require dry cleaning you will want to go ahead and drop them off so they will be done as soon as possible.

With the drapes taken care of, begin with your ceilings. Clean and dust the ceilings and the crown molding around the tops of the wall. If these are wood finish instead of painted you will want to clean them with a wood cleaning product that I will recommend later in this article.

Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be next on your agenda. With ceiling fans you will need to take a dusting cloth and wipe each blade, both the top and bottom sides. You fan motor itself needs to be dusted to clear it so that it continues to work properly. Light fixtures should be carefully taken down and washed in a mild soap, then hand dryer with a lint free towel and replaced.

Now assess the walls. Decide if they need cleaning or just dusting. If there are spots of dirt use a sponge with a mild soap to gentle wipe the dirt from the wall. If there are no spots that need addressing you can simple dust down the walls using a bendable stick duster. Dust all wall hangings and pictures, but remember when cleaning framed pieces not to spray a cleaner on the glass, as it will seep through the edges and ruin the picture. Instead spray the cleaner onto the cloth then wipe the glass of each frame.

Clean all windows and window sills. If it is possible to pop out the window to clean the outside of the window do so, it will save you time climbing a ladder outside the house to do it from the outside.

Now we will move on to the wood pieces in your dining room. This should include your table, chairs, china cabinet, sideboard, and hutch. These pieces should be handled with care when it comes to cleaning because you can make mistakes easily that will leave lasting marks on the piece.

The first thing is to decide what piece you want to work with first. If the items need a good cleaning and not just a conditioning you will want to use a product like Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean stuck on dirt and debris. Once you have completed the cleaning according to the package directions you will need to conditions the piece to prevent drying.

Use a clean cotton sock and pour some wood cleaner and conditioner on to it. Wipe in even passes over the piece until you have covered the entire area. Murphy’s has a spray with orange oil perfect for cleaning dust, grease, grime and wax build-up. They also offer a convenient wipe for cleaning surfaces like cabinets and paneling doors, finished wood furniture and wood trim. Furniture only needs polish when it looks dull. It is best to apply the polish to a soft cloth. Make sure to spread the polish evenly. Using a soft cloth, first clean the wood with the Murphy oil soap, then follow with the polish. Polishes are designed to remove dust and stains, and provide protections for the wood.

Paste is what you would need to fill scratches and give you the most long lasting protection. It is the most difficult product to apply and all directions must be followed. Carefully rub the paste on and allow to dry. Then buff off until the wax shines. This method is a little more work but if you have a lot of scratches it may be worth the time to repair them.

There are also liquid and aerosol polishes that offer convenient ways to polish your wood pieces. The decision is up to the individual cleaner.

Once the wood work has been completed it is time to address the floors. Depending on what type you have it will vary as to how best to clean them. If you have a total carpeted dining room I suggest steam cleaning with a commercial machine. You can purchase one if you do not own one or rent them from almost any grocery store. Get spot treater for heavy traffic areas and trouble spots.. Get a good shampoo that fits your needs and those of the machine you will be using. Take your time making the passes with the shampooer and pre-treat any trouble spots prior to shampooing. Clean any area rugs you may have in the same method.

If you have wood flooring you should test a small hidden area with the cleaning product before you do the entire floor. If the finish doesn’t change in appearance proceed to clean the floor according to the package directions.

Once your floor is dry and everything is back in place, including drapes, your spring cleaning project for your dining room is complete.

spring cleaningThe following are a list of suggested cleaning supplies and tools you will need to complete this task:

Dust Mop


Cleaning Cloths

Small Bucket with handle


Vacuum with attachments

Shampoo and Steam Cleaner

Spot Remover

Window cleaner

Degreaser cleaner


Pole Duster

Some suggestions to reduce dust in your home:

Use entrance mats, one on the outside and one on the inside

Change air filters between 1 to 3 months depending on how fast they get full

Brush pets often to reduce shedding

Keep windows closed

The above video also contains some helpful advice for those that need to clean in a hurry!


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