Start Your Own Kids Party Planning Business

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Start Your Own Kids Party Planning BusinessChildren’s birthday and graduation parties have become big business. With the rise in single parent and two-working parent homes, this means that many parents don’t have the time to plan and coordinate these parties themselves. Specializing in pulling off fabulous children’s parties and events may be the perfect home business for an energetic, creative and organized person!

Party and event planning, in general, are quickly growing fields. This type of business is well-suited to the home-business entrepreneur since there are potentially low-start-up costs, and you don’t need more than a home office from which to conduct business. Most of your work will be done in advance-coordinating, contracting with vendors and entertainment, ordering food and supplies, etc. and you may or may not be required to be “on site” for the actual party. Building relationships with party-supply companies and party locations (hotels, community and conference centers, entertainment companies-such as bowling alleys, activity centers, and pools-as well as other community resources) will also be a key part of building a successful party planning and coordination business. Not to mention caterers and bakers!

As for marketing, a simple brochure and business card may be all you need to get things started-relying on word-of-mouth and simple public relations efforts to continue to build the business. Most event planners are careful to take photos of their events to show to prospective clients and help them build a “portfolio” of successful work. Accurate notes and photos of your produced parties will also help potential clients decide what sort of party or event they would like.

It is important to do a little research as to what currently exits in your community or city, and to develop a business plan that defines your demographic and how and where you will market your business. If you already have two or three party planners in your sphere of influence, it might be more difficult for you to get the initial work to jump-start your own business. Specializing in children’s parties and events, however, may help you to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Additionally, the ability to pay close attention to detail and keep accurate records and budgets will be a key part of a successful business. Some planners choose to order all the supplies and needed items, and then have the customer reimburse, while others have the client pay for expenses directly in addition to the planner’s fee. Regardless, you will need to keep track of expenses and develop the basic bookkeeping skills to handle billing and invoicing, as well as negotiating and contracting with vendors.

The great thing about building a business as a children’s party planner is that you can choose to work as much or as little as you’d like. Depending on your passion and enthusiasm, and whether or not you’d like to work part time or more-you can build your business at your own pace and have fun making sure children have fun while you’re at it!

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