Starting a Floral Design Business

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Starting a Floral Design BusinessStarting your own floral design business that caters to people who want a specialist in floral designs can be a booming business. Throughout the year there are many events which can require a floral designer to create floral bouquets for grand openings, weddings, celebrations, corporate parties, and holiday themes. Many people who coordinate these events often turn to floral shops to create their needs for the events they have planned for the year. There are instances, such as spring weddings and holidays, when floral shops become overwhelmed with orders and sometimes have to turn business away.

Floral designers are able to create a wide variety of flower vase designs with live and silk flowers. The floral vase designs can consist of roses, carnations, lilies, and many other flowers that are in season. The vase designs can be purchased for secretary’s day for a large corporation, for banks for special events they are promoting, formal play productions on closing nights, and gala events.

There are also the basket style floral arrangements. These are used more for floor decor using larger and taller flowers to provide floral decor around podiums and display areas for special viewings. For instance such floral designs could be used at electoral conventions, grand openings which feature giveaways, and special guest speaker platforms.

Not only are planned events by corporations or local chambers of commerce a huge opportunity for floral designers redecorating and remodeling of offices and homes can add another stream of revenue for your business. Many large corporations have their entrance and reception areas decorated with floral vases and wall hanging floral arrangements. There are many ways a person can use flowers in arrangements, as well as, the events mentioned in this article.

You will also need to find vendors which can help meet your supply and demand on fresh and silk flowers, vases, baskets, swags, wreaths, and various other items needed to create your floral designs. In many cases, the items which will be used the most can be bought in bulk or at wholesale.

There are classes at local arts and craft stores that can be taken to learn how to make floral arrangements or to brush up on your existing floral arranging experience. You can also take classes at many community colleges in design. You may also want to consider taking a few business courses as well.

Such courses for your floral design business can include the following classes:

Business Management. This type of class will help you learn the different areas of managing your business.

Business Accounting. Accounting classes will help you learn how to keep the books and track expenses of your business.

Marketing Classes. Marketing classes will teach you how to promote your floral arrangement business in wide array of marketing venues.

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