Tips and Tricks to Induce Customer Satisfaction

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customer satisfaction
The Customer is Always Right

First and foremost, this concept is most important to remember. Any business striving for a steady clientele keeps this concept in mind as well as instills it in its employees.
Never Say No (Keep Positive)

Positivity in customer service keeps the customer on an optimistic level and helps build a trusting, loyal business relationship.

Also, in the situation that the customer cannot receive exactly what they want due to circumstance, trust and optimism instilled by the Customer Service Representative will allow for alternative choices to be offered and often selected by the customer.

In a business, it is vital to evade any conflict between the vendor and the customer. Customers support the business so in turn it is important to ensure that the needs of the customer are met with little or no setbacks.

Flawlessness and Efficiency – Strive for Perfection

Customers 99.9 percent of the time expect things done in a quick, orderly manor. While keeping in mind that “The customer is always right.”, it is important to remember that part of their being right is being on their schedule, whether the deadline be to complete the project in a week, an hour or 10 minutes.

Regardless of the deadline, it is necessary in any line of work to make sure that things are done correctly and to the best that they can be done.

In the case that the deadline cannot be met, upon finishing the project at a later agreed time, no detail should be left overlooked and the customer should be satisfied.

Customer Service and Team Work

Customers appreciate a team environment. A since of unity reinforces a positive atmosphere in the work place thereby revealing to the customer just how much they are valued by witnessing a team function together to process their demands efficiently.

Working as a team ensures security in completing customer requests. In the case that something slips by one employee, the other(s) more than likely will catch the mistake and correct it.

Also, in working as a team, morale is boosted and employees are driven by one another to work at the best of their abilities to complete all customer demands.


H.O.O.O.T stands for…

Hello (Always greet the customer upon their arrival.)

Observe (Watch and see what product(s) the customer may be interested in)

Offer assistance (If the customer appears contradicted or confused or even just browsing, see if they need assistance.)

Offer choices (If the customer can’t make up his/her mind or other merchandise pertaining to their choice of product can be offered, make suggestions and offer options.)

Thank you. (ALWAYS remember to thank the customer.)

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