Silk Flowers – A Modern and Inexpensive Centerpiece for Your Dining Room Table

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silk flowers for a dining room centerpieceYou don’t need a huge, expensive dining room table to want one that looks nice. In fact, with the majority of people these days eating in front of their televisions, I’m not sure why anyone would spend much on a dining room table. We sure didn’t. We bought an $80 table from Wal-Mart, which I love, because I’m not the one who had to put it together.

This is not a huge table, but I wanted to make it look nice. Recently, I went to a Michael’s store looking for centerpiece ideas. I bought a neat vase and candle display for about $20. On the box, it said it was meant to hold fresh flowers, but I filled mine with silk flowers to keep it simple. Around the centerpiece, I placed the leftover silk flower petals from my wedding. I wrote an article about wedding flowers awhile back, but I will discuss these silk petals again.

We bought silk flower petals online from Petal Garden. They have a variety of colors and will send you free samples so you can see what they look like in real life (instead of on the computer screen). These petals are the most realistic looking of any silk petals I have seen, and the colors are vibrant and pretty. We ordered way too many for the wedding and had many left over. I have bags of fall colored silk petals, so I was happy to find a new use for some of them. They have worked perfectly around the dining room table centerpiece.

At Michael’s, I purchased some silk flower bouquets. I cut quite a bit off the stems so they would fit, then I arranged them in the vase. For summer, I used white, marigold, and sage green flowers to create a sunny and cheerful atmosphere. I bought simple, vanilla scented candles to put in the tea light candle holders. I placed several silk flower petals around the centerpiece to add even more color and interest. To top it off, I added sage green place mats, black silk napkins (with a cool square pattern), and our salt and pepper grinders to the table. The result? A cool, fun, modern, and inexpensive centerpiece with silk flower bouquets that can be changed to match the season. Check out the pictures to see if this is an idea you would like to incorporate.

If you are interested in silk flower petals or freeze dried rose petals, visit the Petal Garden site. I bought everything else at Michael’s and local Hallmark stores.

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