Spring Decorating Ideas Bring New Life to Your Kitchen

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Spring Decorating Ideas Bring New Life to Your KitchenAs the season of renewal and rebirth, spring is the natural time to give new life to your home. What better place to start adding springtime decorating touches than the room where you and your family appreciate nature’s bounty in food–the kitchen! Freshening up this essential room will cheer you up as you eat breakfast and head out the door or plan a spring picnic. Try some of these decorating tips to add a touch of brightness to your home after those long, dreary winter months.

Let there be light
Take advantage of the longer daylight hours you’ve been waiting for by letting more natural sunlight into your kitchen. Switch out dark, heavy window coverings for more delicate and airy alternatives. Changing both the color and type of fabric of your curtains is a simple decorating trick that many overlook as the seasons change. It can make a huge difference in the feel of your kitchen. If you don’t have neighbors close by or use mini blinds, leave additional window coverings as open as possible for spring. Add a swag of natural materials or spring fabric across the tops of your windows. Now that you have light, use it! Keeping light-colored and reflective surfaces in your kitchen clean will make the room even an even brighter and more cheerful place to be. Keep decorative glass bottles on the windowsill to create reflections, decorating the walls of your kitchen.

Get rid of clutter
Clutter accumulates in the kitchen just as in does in any other room of the house, and it is a hindrance to achieving the decorating potential of your home in this season of new beginnings. Clear off your counter tops, clean out junk drawers, and eliminate any spots such as side tables that seem to gather papers or random items in the kitchen. Give away gadgets and appliances that you don’t use as much as you thought you would. Using the energy of renewal and decorating for spring to clear this extra junk out of your life will help your mind feel freer, and you might be amazed at how much better the room will look after getting rid of those “dead” items.

Bring the outdoors in
Your kitchen is the perfect place for decorating with natural objects for spring. Start a container garden in your kitchen window. A lot of stores sell small herb garden kits these days, or you can create a personalized recycled version in a twenty-ounce or two-liter drink bottle, depending on how large you want it to be. Decorating the container by painting it in a bright spring color or tying fabric around the outside will add that extra touch. An herb garden will not only bring a real piece of springtime growth to your kitchen, but it will also naturally “decorate” the scent of the room. Frame dried flowers or leaves for the perfect new wall hanging. Bamboo, birds’ nests, and images of bird are also wonderful accents for spring.

Decorate your kitchen table
Fresh cut flowers in a simple glass vase or a plain bowl of fruit make ideal centerpieces for spring with minimal effort. Switch to white or spring theme linens on your kitchen table. Floral patterns, gardening themes, and colors like blue, yellow, and green are traditional for decorating in spring; use these or use your imagination. To spice up basic colors a bit, try decorating the table in the more traditional yellow, but with black as an accent color. Or choose a more unusual decorating theme that is still related to spring. How about rain or robins’ eggs? Inexpensive dishes can easily be found in stores this time of year. Take advantage of this opportunity to switch out your place settings for a change, if only for a few months.

Tackle a project
Use spring energy as the perfect excuse to tackle a larger decorating or household project in your kitchen. Many people dream of remodeling their kitchen, but never seem to have the time or money. Now that you no longer feel stuffed inside by cold weather, pick just one or two things that really need to be changed about the room, and decorating the rest of it might just seem to fall into place. Open the house up and paint your kitchen walls a lovely spring friendly color. Are your cabinets so old and dreary that they should have been replaced years ago? Are you sick of the linoleum floor, having always wanted hardwood in there? Perhaps simply stenciling a design to accent your walls is more your pace. Choosing one larger kitchen decorating project to finally get around to this spring will make you love the room more all year round.

Find more decorating ideas for your spring kitchen in design magazines, on HG-TV, or by walking through local craft and home improvement stores. All of these resources can provide wonderful inspiration of things to alter for your own individual style. Spring is only here for a few short months, so take advantage of this chance to brighten your decorating style when it will have the greatest impact. Try something new in your kitchen during the season known for new beginnings!

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