What You Should Do If Your Landlord Attempts to Enter Your Apartment Without Your Permission!

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landlords have to obey laws too
It actually seems to happen more often ever single day. That’s when landlords wait until you leave your apartment to go to work or perhaps when you are on vacation. They then take it upon themselves to enter your apartment whenever they feel. Unless it is an emergency then they have no right to enter your apartment without permission. As long as you are paying your rent they have no right to enter.

If you realize that your landlord has attempted to enter your apartment without permission, or that they have entered your apartment, then you should take the time to make sure that you catch him in the act. This may mean that you have to install cameras in your apartment in order to catch them actually coming in the apartment when you are not home. Remember in order of you to have a case you have to be able to prove that they entered your apartment in the first place. Or you can have someone stay in your apartment and quietly wait until your landlord attempts to enter.

Then you can catch them red handed. Once you have evidence which proves that your landlord has entered your apartment without your permission you should immediately call the police to have an official report filed and to press charges. Remember that it is illegal for them to enter your apartment when you are not there and without your permission. By getting an official police report it will help to ensure that you have a case against them. You should not worry about not getting your security deposit back or breaking your lease. It is important that you still follow the law exactly so that you are not held liable for anything.

Of course your landlord will definitely not be happy with the fact that you are pressing charges against him or that you have actually caught them in the act of doing something illegal. You should also remember that in each state the laws are different so don’t go by any information that someone else may give you, but instead you should go by what you state law is. In most cases it would be in your best interest to hire an attorney. These are just a few ideas and suggestions that you may want to think about and consider if you feel that your rights as a tenant are being violated in anyway. Remember that you are paying for a right to have privacy.

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