Four Great Birthday Party Themes for Children

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Great Birthday Party Themes for ChildrenPlanning your child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting. Trying to create new and popular themes to help keep the children entertained can be stressful. Here are four great birthday party themes to got you started.

Going on a Safari: Invite all the children over to your home to go on a safari through your backyard. Give each child a critter cage, a insect net and a safari hat. The children can go prowling through your backyard in search of lizards, butterflies, lady bugs and other tiny creatures. If your backyard is not big enough to accommodate a safari, have the party at a local park. Many parks have hiking trails that are great for hunting down small creatures. Be sure to have plenty of adult supervision if you decide to host the party at a park or outdoor nature center. If your budget allows, schedule a representative from your local zoo or wildlife center to come speak to the children about animals. Children love to go exploring. This is a fun party theme for children six to ten years old.

Lets go camping: Invite the children over for a night of camping. Ask all the children to bring their sleeping bags. Pitch a couple tents in your backyard. Plan a scavenger hunt for the children to participate in before dark. Allow the children to roast hot dogs and make smores, with adult supervision of course. If the children are a little older and not to easily scared you can gather them all together for ghost stories. This is a great way to add a little bit of adventure to a sleepover.

Create your own pizza party: Invite all the children over to your home for an afternoon of fun pizza making. Supply each child with personal sized pizza dough. Allow the children to choosing the topping for their own pizza. Place each topping on plates in the center of the work area. The children can choose any topping combination they want. Supply each child with their own chefs apron. You can also choose to personalize the children’s aprons by painting each child’s name on their apron using fabric paint. While the pizza’s are cooking, the birthday child can open their presents. When the pizza’s are ready, allow the children to gather around the television and watch their favorite movie while eating their pizza. After the movie is finished the children can enjoy a slice of birthday cake for desert.

Hollywood Movie Star Party: This party is a excellent idea for children eight to twelve years old. This party theme is somewhat similar to a costume party. All the children get to dress up like as their favorite movie star. Roll out a red carpet at the entrance way to the party site. You can provide punch and snack food for the children. You can even make a stage for the children for to preform on.

All of the party themes list above can be easily adapted to fit your schedule and your budget. Be sure to include your child when it comes to planning the details of the party. Do not be afraid to ask a few other parents to help supervise the party. Having fun is the key to a successful party.

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