How To Work For Yourself When You Already Have A Full Time Job


businessman-607785_1280If you have dreams of starting your own business, use these tips to help get you started.

1. Get a job that covers your cost of living, and make sure you have at least six months of living expenses saved up in case you need the money. If it’s possible try to find work that will give you some experience in the business you’re planning to set up. This will help you to learn what works and it will show you what mistakes to avoid when you start your own business. But keep your eyes open and take mental notes, even if the company you work for isn’t in the field your business will be in, you can still learn a lot about professionalism.

Not only will working for a company provide you with money and learning opportunities, but it can also give you a chance to do a lot of networking. You can meet people who can become future clients or people who’ll refer future clients to you, so even though you’re not planning to stay at your job permanently maintain a good attitude and form great business associations.

2. Make a realistic plan. Research how long it’s going to take you to get your business started and what materials you’re going to need. Decide during this time who you’re going to market your product or services to, when you’re going to provide these products and services, and how you’re going to provide them. If you’re not going to work for yourself at home, research how much you’re going to need to rent a space out, as well as the other expenses it will take to start your business. Decide whether your job will be able to provide for these expenses and your business, if not consider getting a loan, an investor, or saving up.

3. Educate yourself. Use your spare time to learn as much as you can about going into business and your chosen field of interest. Read books or articles online, talk to business owners and take classes. Even though you might be impatient and ready to dive head first into your side business, see the time and money you’re putting into learning as an investment rather than a burden. Since it is essential to become as informed as possible in your chosen field if you really want to be able to provide the best to your customers and make your business a success.

4. Once your business is up and running getting your company out there is key. Join activities or groups within your neighborhood and start to tell as many people as possible about your product and services, and give out business cards like you’re giving away water. If you’re offering a service, write a monthly newsletter to give people tips on your area of expertise which will be a source of advertisement, or better yet give out free samples of your product so that you can create a demand for it.

5. Use your time wisely. Once you get your business started be prepared to put in a lot of work at first, especially if you’re the only one who’s working for you. It might seem difficult if you’re already working full-time to add extra energy to your business but you can do it, if you schedule your time wisely. Work for yourself during the spare times of your day, if it’s only during your lunch hour. Also use your weekends and any time off to put in extra work for yourself. All of this work will eventually pay off and soon you’ll be able to devote your energy full-time to your business.


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