How to Set Up a Home Office


How to Set Up a Home OfficeThe decision to work at home is a big one. If you are lucky enough to already have a job that will allow you to work from home then you are set to go. The rest of us, who do not already have one, will need to find a work at home job. Either before or after you have a work at home job, you are going to need to set up a home office. This will be a space that will be separate from your living space that you will dedicate to your work at home job. If you are going to make an honest go of a work at home job, you need to have a home office and not attempt to have a work area on the kitchen table.

Step One

Find or buy an inexpensive desk. You can pick up a cheap desk at a flea market or thrift store or borrow one from a family member. To make your home office truly functional for your work at home job it is important to have a desk that you can keep set up for your job.

Step Two

You are going to need a computer for any work at home job that you have. The computer does not need to be new or state of the art. The old computer that you have will work for your home office. If you do decide that you need a new computer for your work at home job, remember that you can use the new computer as a tax deduction at the end of the year.

Step Three

Invest in a file cabinet for your home office. A file cabinet will keep all your work at home job paperwork organized. Organization is key to any job even a work at home job. If you can not afford a file cabinet, you can use a drawer of your desk to store your files in.

Step Four

Some work at home jobs will require a dedicated land line for the job. Even if your work at home job does not require this, you will want to have a land line that you will have access to while sitting at your desk.

Other Items That You May Need

Printer (necessity for most work at home jobs)





Fax (until you can afford it you can always use an online fax service)

Desk Lamp


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