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ebay logoSometimes you might look around your home, and find tons of stuff you hate, don’t need, or outgrew. Well, instead of throwing it away or even getting a license to sell your unwanted things at a yard/garage sale, consider this: Ebay. If the thought of selling your things online scares you, let me be the first to tell you that it’s natural to feel that way. I used to be very wary of the internet myself, and even more so afraid of selling my personal things online and making online transactions, which include invisible money. (At least that’s what it seemed like to me!) Well, here I am to explain to you why Ebay is a perfectly wonderful way to sell your things and make money in an almost-hassle free way.

Let me mention that Ebay, other than for selling things, is a wonderful place to find things that you may not find anywhere else. My husband and I were able to find some old Sega games online that we wanted to play, and I even spotted a CD for my favorite pianist, Giovanni Marradi…and I haven’t seen that CD since I was a little girl a long time ago! What a surprise to know that I could go on Ebay and find things that are otherwise not readily available. But buying things on Ebay is another matter. Right now, we are going to focus on selling your items using the great tool known as Ebay with confidence and security.

Before selling things on Ebay, you must first register yourself in the system. You also need to make a Pay Pal account as well by going to Pay Pal is a website where you can send and receive money online in a safe and secure manner. To register on Ebay, go to Ebay will then prompt you to provide your email address, birth date, telephone number, address and name. Before you submit to anything, make sure to thoroughly read Ebay’s User Agreement. Reading this will save you from any unwanted or unforeseen surprises that may arise later on when you’re pushing your way through Ebay. Once you are a member of the Ebay community, and have established your email and Pay Pal account, you will then be asked to become a seller. To become a seller you will have to choose a User ID so that other Ebay members will recognize who you are without you having to disclose your full name. You will also have to create a password and answer a question for any future issues concerning your account and password. For example, EBay may ask you for your mother’s maiden name or even your favorite pet. Be sure that when you have this information, you write it down and keep it in a very safe place so that you may never forget, and so that you’ll always have access to your Ebay account. When you’re through with that, you will have to press the confirmation button in your email to verify that it is indeed your email address, and then you continue. To sell and buy on Ebay, you must have a type of Credit Card, even if it’s a Debit Card. Provide your credit card information at this point, and be comforted in the fact that even though you are providing your credit card at this time, there will be no charges that will go against you. After that, you will choose how you want to pay the seller fees. The seller fees are really very minimal, and nothing to worry about. If you want to sell something on Ebay, almost anything goes. I’ve even seen people selling grilled cheese sandwiches with what appears to be the Virgin Mary imprinted with burnt margarine upon it. Believe it or not, this stuff sells. Prehistoric poop, Elvis memorabilia, vintage stuff…almost anything goes. Even cars! Things that can’t be sold are common sense stuff, like firearms, drugs, things that have been stolen.

When you are ready to sell your things, it’s time to crack your knuckles and going. First you have to select a format for which you are going to sell your items in. Click either on Online Auction or choose to Sell at a Fixed Price. Select what kind of currency you are going to use. If you want to sell in the international manner, it would be wise to choose American currency. Find out what kind of object the item you want to sell is. Is it art, a collectible, or in the music genre? Select the category that best fits your item. Enter a description, and title. This is the part where potential buyers read to see if they are indeed interested in your item. This is the worm on the hook, the bait you’re going to use to catch your needy fish. Make sure it’s good.

After that, you will enter a minimum price at which you are willing to start the bidding at. Or, for an extra fee, you can choose the “Buy it Now” option. Select how long you would like your item to sell for. Usually, most people have their items try to sell in about a week’s time. Seven days is almost the most popular selection because many bidders shop only on weekends. Then when you’re done with that, you have to list the location of the item you are selling, and you can even list regionally to get more views and peak more interests from a wide variety of people. You will then be prompted to add a picture. Adding a picture is very important because it lets the potential buyer know exactly what they are getting. On Ebay, you are entitled to one free picture. Any additional pictures that you are going to be seventy-five cents. Make sure the picture is on jpeg or bmp format. Otherwise, it won’t work. Then choose what payment methods you’re willing to accept, as well as how much shipping and handling is going to be. A little trick is to make the shipping and handling higher than it actually is in order to reap more profits. Just don’t make the price too ridiculous, or people may not want to buy the item because the shipping and handling is so terribly high.

When you’re done with that, review all the information, change anything that needs to be edited, check out how much you were charges for each thing you added extra (extra picture, special borders, whatever) and then submit. Since you are a seller, you are going to pay thirty-five cents for each item you sell usually, or even $6.75…depending on the starting price for your item auction. And like I mentioned earlier, if you add any extra stuff, you’ll see a few more charges added up to your initial seller fee. If someone buys your stuff (yay!), then your auction will say, “This bidding on this item has ended”. To look at the status of your things on Ebay, you always go to My EBay and it will show you everything that you’re selling. When you check on My EBay and notice that your items are done selling, then it’s time to collect your well-earned dough. You don’t ever ship any goods until you receive the payment. The types of money that you can collect are through credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), cashiers checks, money orders, COD and personal checks. On your Pay Pal, you will be able to check the payments that people made to you, and withdraw these payments and send them to your personal bank account. Then you have to immediately ship the item that you promised. This requires you to wrap the item with care, carefully seal it, and send it right away. Once you have made your first sale, you have to leave feedback to the person you transacted with. This means leaving a good/bad note, depending on your experience with that particular buyer. If he gave you a pretty fast payment, you can leave a comment saying, “A+ Ebayer!” But if the person was lousy, rude, and delayed payment, write something along the opposite lines. This is to let other Ebayer’s know if this person is credible or not.

As a little note, you will need to open a Premier Pay Pal account to receive credit card payments. The fees for this type of account begin at 2.9 percent of each item, plus fifty five cents per transaction. This honestly isn’t a big deal for the service it’s providing you. At first I freaked out about this, but then realized that the rewards were greater than the small sacrifice. Since you’re pretty new to Ebay, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some people out there are scam-artists, so make sure to check the Ebay pages of each person you are going to transact with in regards to your item. If you see that they have a lot of negative remarks, that means they don’t pay or they try to trick others, so be wary of this.

Now that you know a little more about Ebay, it’s time to look through your garage and start discovering treasures. Before you know it, you’ll be making easy money by just going to garage sales and buying things only to sell them at higher prices. It becomes an addiction, really, but there’s nothing wrong with making money on the side (in an honest way!) So roll up your sleeves, and get your seller face on, because it’s time to start some serious trading on Ebay!


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