How To Plan a Wedding on a Budget


How to Plan a Wedding on a BudgetEveryone knows that to pull of any major event it’s going to take money, a lot of money. And of course, everyone knows that planning your wedding will most likely be the biggest party that you will ever have and of course, you’re going to need a lot of money. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to work with and your budget is just a fraction of what is the average wedding budget? Does that mean you have to settle for a wedding that is any less elegant or original? Of course not! You just need to know the resources to use so you can the plan the wedding of your dreams!

When planning your wedding it can become very overwhelming very quickly. Both in part due to the large volume of things that need to be done and figured out, and also the financial side of everything. But don’t let that get you down! As long as you plan enough in a head of time and use these few money saving strategies for planning your wedding, your sure to ease a lot of the stress that you otherwise would be facing. So try these ideas, they are friendly to your eyes and budget! Go log onto Craig’s List, you would not believe how many amazing finds you can find on there!

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to check out Craig’s list until after my wedding, but I’m here to share my finds with you! I had gone on Crag’s list before, but never thought to check it out for wedding ideas. Too bad, because they have quite a selection of items and services. I found a women who locally just started her own baking business decorating cakes. She had just set up her own website and had only done two cakes and was in need of referrals to really get her business of the ground. She was willing to do wedding cakes for very reasonable prices and, judging by the many pictures she had set up, she is quite talented. There were also many people selling many of the wedding stuff that they had bought, but for a lot cheaper.

There were numerous items but things like aisle runners, pew bows, and flower girl accessories stick out the most. You can also put in an add for anything specific that you are looking for and get possible responses that way also, Craig’s list has a huge following so people are sure to come across it. Comb your local thrift stores and second hand stores, there are a lot of possibilities for finding decorations there. I was able to get thousands of Christmas lights for just dollars. I absolutely love using Christmas lights in weddings, I think they look so beautiful and add that special bit of sparkle. One way I have seen it used is where you wrap tulle tightly around the string of lights, then use more tulle and wrap that loosely around the tighter wound tulle and it creates a soft, airy looking glow. Another way that I have seen that I always have liked is if you have floor length table clothes, pile the lights under the table and spread them around by the side of the table and it creates a very magical glow that is very budget friendly. While planning your wedding don’t get stuck paying top dollar for “wedding decorations” get creative and make your own.

When I was planning my wedding I got a lot of ideas from looking at bride books and wedding magazines, then tried to imitate them with my own twist using items from places like Wal-Mart and Target. Instead of buying more expensive candle holders off of a wedding website or wedding store; buy mini little glass flower vases or little glass potpourri holders from someplace like Wal-Mart. I think they sell for only about $0.50 each, then you can make your own candle holder or other creative table setting. Have fun with it! This is something that family and friends love to help with. Both the creative thinking and the crafty part of it! These are just a few wedding money saving ideas, but when used they can cut down on significant amounts of money. I hope these wedding budget saving ideas helped! Good luck with planning!


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