How to Generate Sales at a Flea Market


How to Generate Sales at a Flea MarketBecome Familiar with the Space

There are many factors that must be considered when choosing to sale merchandise at a flea market. Some flea markets include a table and chair in the vending fee while others may not. This is an important piece of information to find out before participating. It is also critical to make sure that you know how big the space is that you will be working in. This will help to determine how you can utilize the space to the best of your ability.

If the flea market that you are selling at does not provide tables and chairs, make sure to bring a good sized table that will fit your space. It is best to also bring a comfortable chair to sit in. Flea markets can last for five hours. As an hour passes, you will want to have something to sit in after being on your feet for a long time. You should also bring a cash drawer or something sturdy that will be used to hold your cash after each transaction.

Bring Different Promotional Materials

It can be beneficial to have a lot of promotional materials on hand at flea markets. These materials can include free samples, business cards, postcards and flyers. The promotional materials will depend on what you are selling at the flea market. Samples can be given when selling items such as food, beauty products and art. If you are selling other items such as jewelry, gifts or packaged goods, you can use postcards and flyers.

Be sure to give these items out to everyone who walks by your space during the flea market. Never keep these items reserved only for customers who buy your items immediately. The goal at flea markets is to make as many sales as possible. This can be achieved by giving everyone access to information about your merchandise. Someone who does not purchase an item on the spot may return later on to do so. If you are selling at a flea market that takes place for multiple days, there are numerous opportunities to make sales from promotional materials that you have passed out on each day.

Interact with Visitors Some vendors do nothing but set up their table at flea markets and wait for the customers to come pouring in. This may work for people who sell hot dogs, French fries and soft drinks. However, it is not wise to sit in a chair all day and expect people to buy your merchandise just because it is available. You will be able to make more sales by standing and greeting people as they pass your table. Introduce your services or products and ask them how many would they like to have. If you are excited about your merchandise, others will react to that and more sales will be made as a result.

Advertise Prior to the Sale

Date When choosing to participate in a flea market, it is important to gain as much exposure as you can. Advertise your merchandise prior to the flea market date. This can be done at least one week in advance. Once your spot is reserved, post flyers up in your town to let everyone know what will be available at the flea market. There are also many websites online where you can post announcements for your flea market sale.

Advertising will give you an opportunity to entice consumers to your table at the flea market. Make sure to add the address of the flea market on all of your promotional materials. Flea markets are great places to sell crafts and other merchandise. Some flea markets charge high fees to vendors while others do not. You will be able to generate a significant amount of sales by following the right planning steps. In many cases, your sales will also depend on the amount of traffic that the flea market attracts.


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