Get Your Customers to Spend More Money Instead of Finding New Ones


how to get customers to spend more moneyThe ultimate goal of any ecommerce or service related website online is to attract, and keep, customers. Customers, after all, equal money. Online, you can find thousands of resources about getting customers to do business with you. More important, however, than attracting new customers, is learning how to make more money from your current customers.

Convincing current or past customers to purchase more products from you should be easier than attracting brand new customers. After all, they have already found your website and made a purchase as well. That shows you that they have already decided that your product is worthwhile and you are trustworthy.

There are several excellent ways to make more money from your current customers outline below.

Excellent Customer Service

A satisfied customer is one that will come back and purchase from you again. One of the most common complaints about the current shopping climate is that large mega-stores are doing away with the personal ‘mom and pop’ style attention to each individual customer. If you can create a feeling of truly taking customer service to new heights, you will get repeat business and make more money.

Follow Up Contacts

After a customer makes a purchase from you, you must follow up with them to make sure that everything was satisfactory. This practice ties in to delivering great customer service as well. When you follow up with a current customer, you should not only make sure they are happy, you should also take the opportunity to push a complimentary product on them.

Customer Appreciation Sales

Have “customer only” sales and send out notices to your current or past customers. Not only will the great savings attract them, but also they will feel that it is a special price that is only for them. Making your customers feel appreciated will increase the money you can make from them.


Upselling is the practice of trying to convince your current customer to buy something that is better than the one they have already picked out. If your current customer decides to buy a 29-inch television set, you should try to convince them to buy a 35-inch TV instead. Upselling gets an already interested customer to spend more money at your website or business.

Buy One, Get One…

Not only can you make more money by getting the customer to upgrade their purchase, you can make more money by getting them to buy more items. Running sales on multiple items is a great way to do this. If a customer has bought one movie from you in the past, let them know that, the next time they buy one movie from you, they will get another one at half price.

Making more money from your current customers should be easier than attracting new customers to your website or business. Putting into practice any one of the great ideas above – or all of them – will create satisfied return customers quickly. Current customers will yield you more continuing money with the least amount of effort.


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