Get A Fresh Start At A Loan With Mariner Finance

In the recent past, banking institutions have introduced strict lending options for borrowers who have poor credit history. It’s becoming more and more difficult for people with bad credit to get loans from banks and other financial institutions. Interest rates have increased while bank policies have tightened. It’s a challenging time for borrowers with poor credit. The ever-changing economic climate is not helping either, and it seems to be making things more complicated. Fortunately, Marine Finance has come to salvage the situation, and those with poor credit can now access loans. Have you heard about Mariner Finance? If not, continue reading to know more about them and how they can help you improve your situation.

Who Are They?

Founded in 2012 by a group of financial professional, Mariner Finance is a financial institution that provides personal loans to people with poor credit. While other financial institutions use balance standings, payment history, and length of credit history to determine the type of loan a client should get, Mariner Finance is different. The company let borrowers explain their circumstances and work more closely with them to create loan solutions that fit them.

Where Are They Found?

Mariner Finance is available in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Delaware, Utah, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana.

Personal Loans

Personal loans from this institution range from $500 and $50,000. If a borrower wants a personal loan of $10,000 or more, they’ll need to secure it with a personal asset. The lender’s interest rate is set at 24%, which is one the highest interest rates among financial institutions that serve people with bad credit. However, the exact interest rate depends on many factors, including credit history, debts, income level, and any other information they get from the credit report. Borrowers who take loans from them are given an option of selecting a term between one and five years. Borrowers are likely to incur origination fee when they take a personal loan, but the exact amount varies depending on the state they live in. The lender also accepts co-signers. Borrowers can use anyone as a co-signer; it does not have to be a family member.

It’s true that Mariner Finance provides loans to individuals with poor credit score. But this does not mean they accept everyone with poor credit. No! Borrowers have to meet a number of requirements for them to qualify. To get a loan from Mariner Finance, you need a minimum credit score of 580. You don’t need a great score. However, a higher score will help you get better rates. You will also be required to have a well-established credit history for you to be considered for better rates. The average mariner borrower’s history is at least five years. Also, even though you will not find this information on their site, your annual earnings should also be between $35,000 and $45,000. Also, keep in mind that you must have access to a branch for you to be considered. The company has branches in 20 states while its affiliate, Pioneer Credit, is available in eight states.

Application Process

The lender offers online applications, but borrowers must also visit a branch near them to meet a loan officer. To get started, fill out the application form available on the website first. When filling the application form, you will be asked to provide information such as your occupation, income data, social security number and the branch near you. After you have submitted your form, the lender will take some time to check your credit report through Equifax. You should note that this could affect your credit score and will be recorded in your inquiries section for two years. Once approved, you will receive a call from one of their loan experts, and you will be asked to visit the closest branch near you in person. When visiting the branch, make sure you carry all your identification card and any relevant paperwork that you may need to verify your identity and income.


After your loan application is accepted, you will receive a check. The amount you get will be a little bit less than you requested because the lender will subtract the origination fee from your funds. There are several methods you can use to pay your loan each month, including paying online, by mail, phone, or in person at a branch.

Borrowers can also set up automatic payments, so you don’t have to worry about making payments each month. Are there any penalties for early payment? No, there are not. There are extra charges for situations like processing checks, making late payments, or paying with insufficient funds. All these charges depend on the state in which you live in.

What Makes Mariner Finance Stand Out From Other Lenders Providing Loans To Borrowers With Bad Credit?

Physical Branches

One of the things that make Mariner Finance unique is the fact that they have more than 300 physical branches in the country. This makes it easy for borrowers to get in touch with them. The fact that they have physical branches is also a sign that they are here to stay and this gives hope to individuals with poor credit score.


A Minimum Credit Score Of 580

Most lenders who provide personal loans to people with poor credit require borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 600. Mariner Finance requires a minimum credit score of 580, meaning they are more accommodative and more willing to help those with financial problems get a fresh start.

Easy Processes And Procedures

When compared to other lenders, Mariner Finance has quick and easy loan application processes. The loan application process only takes five minutes, and you are done. Their site is easy to navigate and highly responsive. Once you have submitted your loan application form, you can call them directly to check its status instead of waiting and wondering what is happening.


As we mentioned above, Mariner Finance lets borrowers add co-signers to strengthen their application. The co-signer you use does not have to be your family member, giving you flexibility when choosing your co-signer.

They Are More Understanding

It’s true that Mariner Finance will use your credit score report to determine whether you should get a loan or not. However, they will also consider your circumstance when determining whether you qualify for a loan or not. This shows that they are more understanding and are more willing to work with you to ensure you get a loan solution that suits your needs. They genuinely want you to have a fresh start.

You Can Use Your Personal Loan For Any Purpose

Unlike other lending institutions that require their clients to use personal loans for specific purposes, Mariner Finance clients can use their loans for any purpose. If you get a loan from Mariner Finance, you can use the money to pay for medical emergencies, renovations, debt consolidation, and weddings. There are no restrictions.

Mariner Finance can help you get a fresh start. However, you should note that personal loans can be costly. Therefore, before you fill out the loan application form, take some time to think through the decision. Make sure the benefits you are getting from the loan outweigh the expenses involved.

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