Using LendUp For A Short Term Loan

Do you need cash immediately? Have you exhausted all other potential cash sources? Do you want to get back on the ladder of success?

Maybe, you should consider using LendUp for a short term loan. This LendUp review will explain their system, so you can decide if they can help you regain financial stability. There is hope.

Short of Cash

Money makes the world go around. You need money to buy groceries, fill up your gasoline tank and pay your rent. If you have an unexpected expense, it can push your budget over the edge.

You might have a freak accident and wind up in the hospital. Medical bills can be quite high. You have ambulance, facility, doctor and prescription drug costs. How could you have planned for the unexpected?

Of course, you can’t.

Most people will ask for financial help from their family, first. If your family is struggling, then you might try your friends. After that, what can you do? You don’t want to hit the pawn shop, but you still need money immediately. Perhaps, an online lender, like LendUp could help.

Pay Off Bills Fast

Some people are becoming very frustrated with the traditional banks. These banks seem to be primarily focused on their corporate pals and have placed numerous obstacles in the way of regular borrowers, like you. The large banks seem to have lost track of their lending role.

You need cash fast. You don’t need a lot of paperwork. Too often, the large banks will require a lot of paperwork and might not even give you an answer for weeks. This leaves you uncertain about where you stand.

LendUp respects your time and gives you quick cash. You can receive cash fast and pay off your bills in a timely fashion. The best lender offers a fast application process. LendUp and other non-traditional lenders have the freedom to deliver superior customer service that fits your needs.

Personal Finance Education

Why isn’t personal finance taught in high school? Learning about credit cards, interest rates and budgets would prepare you for managing your money. Why aren’t these money management classes mandatory?

Thankfully, LendUp offers free personal finance education. This is one example of their socially-responsible character traits. They want to give you a leg up to recover your life. Get back on the ladder of success with LendUp.

And, not only will you get free personal finance education here, you will also get credit for increasing your knowledge. This online payday lender provides you with both the money for handling your short-term financial duties and the long-term knowledge to improve your credit score. LendUp is your financial partner.

Climb the LendUp Ladder

If you have incurred a tremendous mountain of debt, you might feel perpetually stuck. You might feel like you are on a debt treadmill that is going nowhere. You need money, you need a good credit score – you need real help.

LendUp not only lends you money, but it give you the financial tools to succeed. They have something called the LendUp Ladder. This LendUp Ladder rewards you for paying off your loan on time. How can that help?

There are some LendUp Ladder parallels to frequent flyer reward programs. You can earn credits for taking out your first loan, repayment and referrals. The LendUp Ladder gives you hope, allowing you to climb the “ladder of success.”

If you reach a higher ladder rung, you can qualify for lower interest rates. This incentive is an essential element of any successful long-term financial plan.

Rebuild Credit History

Some debtors have less than stellar credit scores. With a bad credit score, you might feel like you are behind the eight ball, 24/7/365. You might have to pay higher interest rates due to bad credit. You might not qualify for certain loans.

It is not easy rebuilding your credit history because some financial institutions don’t want to forgive and forget.Most online lenders are not really interested in helping you rebuild your credit score. LendUp cares. They seem willing to give you a second chance.

Most short term loans are unsecured loans with no collateral behind them. What is the range of LendUp interest rates? You can expect to pay an APR between 200% and 350%. If you progress up the LendUp Ladder, you might qualify for a lower APR (as low as 29%).

If you reach the right rung on the LendUp Ladder, you can have your successful repayments recorded on your credit history. Thus, LendUp gives you money, education and repair functions. You can improve both your short term and long term financial health. LendUp helps you StepUp to the plate again.

LendUp Advantages

When you are considering online payday lenders, you should look for one offering features that best fit your needs. Not every creditor is right for everyone.

Alternative lenders, like LendUp, have more freedom to properly serve their customers. Here are some advantages of working with LendUp:
  • Climb Ladder
  • Fast Response
  • Good BBB Rating

LendUp is a licensed, socially-responsible, alternative lender with a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. What this means is that when customers have grievances, LendUp is effective at finding an acceptable solution. LendUp cares about delivering superior customer service.

LendUp is available in the following states: Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. LendUp is not chained to outdated traditional banking methods, they are ready to deliver money in real-time.

If you need a short-term loan and want to rebuild your credit score, then LendUp might be the right choice. They offer you a leg up back onto the ladder of financial success. You can get a instant decision in as little as 5 minutes by filling out their on-line application at

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