Bad Credit Unsecured Installment Loan At Ace Cash Express

Bad Credit Unsecured Installment Loan At Ace Cash Express
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Bad Credit Unsecured Installment Loan At Ace Cash ExpressInstallment loans at Ace allows a borrower with bad credit to get approved more easily for the much needed cash they need and enable them to repay that loan over a predetermined set period of time. Unlike more conventional lenders, the subprime lender Ace Cash Express offers the convenience of a installment loan to those with a poor credit history. Ace Cash Express has been in business since 1968 and has served over 38 million customers. They are a reputable provider of financial services that specializes in helping consumers that are seeking a alternative to traditional banking.

Unsecured installment loans at Ace Cash Express range from $200 to $5,000. If the applicant gets approved, the amount they will be eligible to borrow will depend on the lender’s standard underwriting criteria and the borrower’s monthly income. The maximum borrowing amount is $2000 in the states of Missouri, Delaware, Ohio, New Mexico, Texas, and South Dakota. Loan Amounts range from $2,500 and $5,000 in the state of California.

To get approved for this loan, borrowers must have some sort of income to show that they have the ability to repay the loan. There is no fee to apply for a installment loan with Ace. To apply, a applicant will be required to provide their banking information along with their bank routing and account number along with their social security number.

Once a borrower’s loan is approved they will generally receive their money the next business day which will be deposited directly in their bank account. Payments for a new loan will become due on the borrower’s pay periods which can be weekly, by-weekly, or monthly and the length of the loan will depend on the state in which the borrower resides.

Every loan that is approved on-line will come with a 72-hour Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you have second thoughts and decide you know longer need or want the loan, then just return the principal amount within the seventy-two hour period and you won’t have to pay nothing more.

To get a secure, fast and easy on-line instant decision then click to their website from here and Apply For an ACE Loan To Get Approved In Seconds and get the cash you deserve!

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Important Fraud Alert! Did you know that there are scam artists out on the prowl looking to take advantage of consumers with bad credit in desperate need of a immediate cash loan?

Here is what they do: They will offer you a loan by calling you by phone. They usually get your phone number from a application that you have filled out while doing your loan search. Here is where the scam is: The scam lender will say you have been approved for a loan, however they will require a fee for “processing,” “insurance,” or just “paperwork” that you will need to send by wire transfer (Western Union) or you have have to deposit it on a Greendot prepaid card before you can get the money. Trust me on what I am about to tell you before you fall for this! I have heard from several individuals that fell for this scam and wired the scam artist money. After to applicant pays the money, the fake loan officer will call back and say they need more money from you to process the loan. One person I heard from actually sent them money four different times and she lost a total of $800. As you may have guessed it, she never did get any money from them! Don’t let them scam you with there stories and excuses. Just know that the reason they want you to wire the money is because you will have little recourse to recoup your cash from them.

Any up-front fee that someone demands up-front before they grant you the loan is a huge red flag and a cue to walk away. It is also illegal for companies doing business in the United States by phone to promise someone a credit card or loan and ask the potential borrower to pay for it before they can deliver.

Legitimate lenders will often charge a appraisal or application fee, however they will take their fees from the amount you borrow.

*Please note that Ace Cash Express does not report your installment loan payments to the major credit reporting agencies.

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