How to Save Money Without Spending Money

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How to Save Money Without Spending MoneyI have read several articles that tell you how you can safe money after you buy a certain product. I myself have even written articles about products that save you money. But, what if you could save money without spending any money? In this article, I will explain different ways you can save money without spending a dime. After reading this article, you’ll be able to save money at the grocery store, on gas, and even on your utilities.

How to Save Money without Spending Money: Groceries

Grocery Tip #1: Coupons

If you already receive the Sunday paper, you really should take time to clip coupons. Coupons are a wonderful way to save money on your groceries. If you don’t already receive the Sunday paper, don’t go out and buy one. Ask your neighbor if they use their coupons. Not only do I clip the coupons from my paper, but my neighbor also gives me her coupons. You can also find websites where you can print free coupons.

Grocery Tip #2: Customer Cards

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for a customer card at your local grocery store. All you need to do is fill out a form and you’ll receive cards for you wallet and your keychain. Many stores require you to use a customer card in order to receive sale prices. The amount you save will depend on how many groceries you buy. For example, I saved $60 on my last trip. The original total was $175, but after $50 off from the customer card and $10 off for coupons, I was able to save $60.

Grocery Tip #3: Promotions

Anytime your store has a promotion, check to see if it will benefit you. Sometimes it will greatly benefit you and other times it won’t. Let’s say the promotion states that if you spend $45 for 5 weeks, you’ll receive a $20 gift certificate. If you already spend that much each week, this is a wonderful way to save money without spending anything extra. But, if you don’t spend that much each week, it’s not a good deal.

How to Save Money without Spending Any: Gas

Gas Tip #1: Combine Errands

Let’s say you have to go to the grocery store, make a quick trip to Walmart, and visit the library. If you plan carefully, you could get all of this accomplished in one trip. When you combine errands, you really will save money on gas.

Gas Tip #2: Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

If possible, avoid rush hour traffic. This will help you save money on gas because your car will get better gas mileage when you are driving consistently. In rush hour traffic, you have to stop, then go three feet, then stop, etc. This only causes you to use more gas. If you want to save money, leave a little earlier and a little later each day.

How to Save Money without Spending Any: Household Expenses

Household Expenses Tip #1: Central Heating and Air

Many people make the mistake of turning their air or heat off when they leave for work. They feel they will save money by doing this. If you want to save money, leave your thermostat set on a temperature that you feel is comfortable. It requires more energy to reach your desired temperature than it does to maintain a certain temperature.

Household Expenses #2: Keep Appliances Closed

The longer you leave your refrigerator door open, the more money you’re throwing down the drain. The refrigerator will have to work to replace the cold air you let escape. Also, when you constantly open your oven to check and see if your dish in cooked, the oven will have to work harder to reheat. In order to save money, you should only open appliance doors when you absolutely need to and close them right after.

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