How To Make $30 Buy Two Weeks Of Groceries

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supermarketIt’s not easy to make $30 last two weeks when it comes to buying groceries. However, it is possible. It just takes a little time and planning. I also have to be willing to run out of certain items before I can buy them again. This might mean running out of eggs, milk or butter.


The beginning of my shopping trip doesn’t start in the store. It starts at home. The first thing I do is take a good inventory of what I already have. This week I still have a container and a half of Almond milk, 13 eggs, bacon, chicken, frozen corn, broccoli and green beans. I also have lintels, beans, cans of soup and potatoes.

What I don’t have is coffee, flour, meat, fruit, carrots, and celery.

Eat First

Since I was starving the morning I went to the store, I bought a 6 inch sub at subway and a drink. I never want to go food shopping on an empty stomach. No matter how well I’ve budgeted, I’m going to want to eat everything in the store, and it always leads to extra purchases and wasted cash.


I bought some bananas for $2.44. Bananas are a fast food. They come in their own wrapper, and they’re clean and easy to eat. I can eat these in the middle of the night or on the road if I have to get up early. The same goes for apples and pears. They can be eaten on the go in lieu of candy bars and snack cakes which are typically more expensive and less satisfying.


My next purchase was coffee, and I stood and looked at the coffee shelves for a good ten minutes. That’s because I was looking for the best price on coffee I like. The cheapest brand of coffee is Master Chef. I hate Master Chef, and even though it’s $5.38 for a large container, I really don’t want it. I ended up purchasing Great Value Dark Roast for $7.28. It’s a $2 difference, but I know I’ll drink it. Buying coffee also helps me cut down on my Coke purchases which saves money.

Flour And Sugar

I don’t buy any baked goods from the store any more. They’re too expensive. With two bags of flour and a bag of sugar, I can make eight loaves of bread, two batches of pasta, biscuits, cakes, cookies, and other assorted baked goods. So for the $6 investment, I can make about $25 worth of baked goods. The only thing it does is take up more time, but I can bake everything I need for the week on Sunday.

Meat And Meals

Meat is expensive, and I know I’ve already got chicken and bacon in my freezer. However, I am out of beef, and I like beef and noodles. I come across a prepackaged roast with the vegetables and spices included. The cost was $14.99, and like my complaint with most prepackaged foods. It’s only good for one or two meals.

Instead of buying the prepackaged meat, I opted to buy a pot roast for $10.51. It was 2.64 pounds of roast. I bought three pounds of carrots for $1.98, a green pepper for .64 cents, and some celery for $1.24. The total cost was $14.37. I didn’t need to buy more potatoes because I have potatoes at home.

I plan to use part of the pot roast in a crock pot of beef stew, and I’ll portion the rest into six servings for a total of nine meals. I can get three meals from the crock pot. I’ll use the celery as flavoring in other meals or it can be eaten by itself. I can also use the carrots as a side dish for other meals.

All in all, by buying the ingredients to make roast and stew I saved myself an immediate .62 cents, and I have a minimum of ten meals instead of two. For my entire shopping trip, I spent $30.09, and I have enough food to make more than 10 meals, countless loaves of bread, pasta, and even desserts.

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