Can I Go To Jail For Writing A Bad Check In Alabama


checksPeople and companies lose countless dollars annually in Alabama because someone has written a bad check. A consumer does not possess the funds in the bank account and writes a check. Sometimes, the bank account might happen to be shut. Writing a bad check in Alabama’s state can be both a civil and criminal violation. A check can be bad if there aren’t sufficient funds in the account to insure the check’s amount.

Criminal Punishments

Writing a check without sufficient funds is considered fraud and can lead to jail time and fines. People could receive prison time as high as 36 months. The fee will change, according to the sum, if the check is for less than $500. People may also be guilty if they endorse a check that it’s bad.

Civil Penalties

Alabama people have ten days to correct the error, after writing a check. Alabama laws give the individual writing the check the benefit of uncertainty. It is not difficult to make mistakes when balancing a checkbook, so people are able to pay the funds without fee. The man writing the check isn’t liable, if the payee will not try to cash the check within 30 days. Someone should make payment arrangements and should contact the payee to rectify the bad debt. The people that don’t pay the check, added measures will be taken by the payee, so their cash will be received by them. Collection agencies might be requested to try to collect the funds. This can keep people from writing checks as time goes on.

Deciding Guilt

To convict an individual adequate evidence is needed by the prosecution. In Alabama’s state, the district attorney’s office helps payees to regain any added fees and the funds. The district attorney needs to give the opportunity to solve this issue to the person, so he organize credit counseling and will usually establish a repayment plan. The individual will be detained and prosecuted, if he will not work.

Checks that have been composed for a loan or lease payment are less easy to regain. Advance loan checks can also be more complicated to handle. These cases are generally dealt with by a modest claim.

Companies or people have two years to take action against an individual . But if traveler’s check, certified check or a cashier’s check was received, the statute of limitations is three years.

What Consumers should do about a Bad Check

The state will give considerable time to rectify the scenario to check writers, so consumers are going to have the chance to to get out of trouble. He should contact a lawyer to acquire some legal advice, if someone has written a bad check. He shouldn’t speak until he contacts an attorney

It’s important for people not to write a check if they understand it will be invalid. Writing a bad check will not change an individuals credit score; yet, a man will be denied an account by some banks  It’s important to balance their checkbooks often, so that they are aware of how much cash they will have in their own checking account.

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